Sony Tablet S Computing Bundle

With the right accessories, you can use your Sony Tablet S similarly to a PC to comfortably type emails and documents, browse the internet and more. This bundle has it all, including a Sony Tablet S cradle (SGP-DS1), Bluetooth wireless keyboard (SGP-WKB1) and Bluetooth wireless laser mouse (VGP-BMS10/B). An ideal companion to your Sony Tablet S, the cradle offers two convenient viewing angles that are perfect for typing when paired with an external keyboard—like the included Bluetooth wireless keyboard. This keyboard features Bluetooth technology, a QWERTY configuration, a compact design and special Android™ keys which mimic the icons on your tablet. Plus, cruise through your workload or browse the internet with speed and accuracy using the Bluetooth wireless laser mouse.

The Sony Tablet Cradle gives you the option to enjoy your Sony Tablet™ S in multiple ways:

Showcase your favorite photos in Gallery Mode. Enjoy as a desk clock. Access thousands of fun and useful applications through Chumby so you can view weather and traffic updates at a glance. Set your favorite mode – gallery, time or Chumby – to showcase automatically each time you dock your tablet.


VAIO® notebooks pre-installed with Microsoft® Windows 7®, Microsoft® Windows Vista®, Windows® XP Professional or Windows® XP Home Edition, and integrated Bluetooth® functionality.


An ultra-modern design and Bluetooth® technology makes this mouse highly mobile and comfortable to use.

A sliding aluminum cover turns the mouse on and off while also protecting the scroll wheel and buttons from accidental scratches.

The 800dpi laser ensures smooth, pinpoint navigation on virtually any surface.

Optional power save mode preserves and extends the battery life.

A low friction, non-stick PTFE sole reduces strain on hand and allows for easy and swift movement.