A smarter smartphone experience

Eye-catching design and high performance software meet in our new range of Nokia Belle phones. Catch up with your world at a glance, express yourself across six home screens, and share and pair with NFC – get set for a smarter smartphone experience.

How do I get Nokia Belle?

Belle comes pre-loaded on the ultra-slim 700 Smartphone, and is now also available as a software update for the Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6-01, X7, E6 and 500.
Updating is a really easy 3-step process - simply click below to upgrade your phone now, or read on for more info on how Belle makes your phone even more responsive, fun, and easy to use.
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Faster and smoother browsing

The responsive touch screen and increased processing power of the new generation of Nokia smartphones all adds up to smoother web browsing, faster downloads, and easy multi-tasking.
Our new Nokia Belle phones offer fast internet connection and increased browsing speeds. That means you can keep on top of what’s going on in your world and stay updated with all the latest news from your network of friends and family.
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Belle NFC

Share & pair with NFC

One of the exciting new features of Nokia Belle is its compatibility with NFC enabled phones.
Whether it’s sharing photos, videos and music, or progressing to new levels in Angry Birds – NFC lets you do it all with just a tap. NFC tags also allow you to easily access a whole world of exciting content, including film trailers, songs, microsites, maps, money-off vouchers and much more.
NFC is currently available in the UK on the Nokia C7 and 700.
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Six Home screens

Stay on top of everything, and personalise your Home screens to express yourself.
Tailor your live feeds to show what is most important to you and see the very latest updates from your social networks at a glance. Six Home screens give you many more opportunities to tailor all the different areas of your life, whether it’s timeout or your work life.
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Live widgets in five different sizes

Your favourite contacts, email, music player, your clock or your calendar - whatever you reach for most you can keep handy across six Home screens.
And not only are the widgets more handy, they have also been redesigned and now come in five different sizes, rearranged to create a completely customisable apps set. And new ‘Toggle’ widgets now make tasks like switching on Bluetooth and changing profiles even easier.
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Pull-down taskbar

All your notifications are in one easy to find place – and it’s as simple as sliding down a single tab from any screen.

The new taskbar includes access to your settings, as well as notification of incoming messages, missed calls and everything else you need to keep an eye on. You can also manage your connectivity from your pull-down taskbar, turning your Bluetooth or wi-fi on and off.
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