Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 7.0 Plus (Wi-Fi) 16GB

Here’s something you’ll find entertaining. MediaHub The Galaxy Tab™ 7.0 Plus provides a galaxy full of quality, all-star entertainment. The pre-loaded Samsung Media Hub gives you instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows. You also get the Samsung Social Hub, which gives you live updates from all your favorite social sites. Surf the internet just like on a PC, and get the full enjoyment of Adobe® Flash® Player compatible sites, games, and videos.

Even when you’re watching your home big screen, you’ll be enjoying your Tab. With a built-in IR blaster and the very intuitive, very handy Smart Remote powered by Peel, it could quickly become your favorite – and maybe your only – remote control. Smart Remote allows you to instantly find and watch your favorite TV shows and discover new shows based on your preferences, all with the tap of a screen. Peel allows users to control any home entertainment system, no hardware or cables required.
Android with a touch of TouchWiz®. Android Market Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus runs on Android™ 3.2, Honeycomb, with access to over 250K apps on Android Market™. And it’s running along with the latest version of Samsung’s own TouchWiz. That means you’ll have even more ways to customize your Tab and get to your favorite content. TouchWiz Live Panels gives you the live content you want right on your magazine-like home screen, including email, Websites and your social networks. The Mini Apps Tray keeps your everyday features close-at-hand and very handy. And the Notification Panel keeps you completely up-to-date.
Our latest hardware, our greatest performance. Gaming The Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is the result of generations of Samsung engineering and design. It’s only .39 inches thin, with a 7” display. And that’s just for starters. It also boasts a 1.2GHz dual core processor for blazing speed, a 4000mAh battery for more time between charges and an elegant, world-class design. Yes, this Tab was built to fit in your hand and fit all your computing needs. But it was also built to make you look good using it.
Honk if you like apps. Take it out of the box, and this Tab is ready to go. In addition to the Samsung Hubs and TouchWiz widgets, it comes pre-loaded with a host of amazing, useful and fun third-party apps. Click on the Pulse News Reader and you’ll find a fun, new, engaging way to look at news from your favorite sites. Click on Polaris Office and you’ll be working with the top productivity suite. With Google Talk and front facing camera, you can video chat with all of your Google Talk contacts, whether they are on a mobile phone or a computer. And that’s just the beginning.
More memory? We have a slot for that. We don’t want anything to limit or interrupt your enjoyment of the Galaxy Tab™ 7.0 Plus. That’s why we included a built-in microSD slot. It supports up to a 32GB microSD card, which means you can keep your HD movies, photos, music, documents and almost anything else nearby and ready to go.
Advanced Enterprise support. To go. IT professionals now have everything they need in a small, light, thin and completely mobile package. The Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is loaded with advanced Enterprise support, including on-device hardware encryption, Cisco Anyconnect VPN, Sybase Afaria mobile device management and extensive support for IT policies. Who says you can’t take it with you?
Finally, all your electronics will get along. We know you’ll love your new Tab, but you love your TV, too. That’s why we built this Tab to work with your TV and other electronics, to give you the ultimate in convergence and convenience. For example, you can use Allshare to wirelessly stream content from your Tab to your TV. With SmartView, you can watch TV on your Tab – anywhere in the house. Kies Air links your Tab to your computer and lets you see much of your Tab content on your computer monitor, like photos, videos and IMs. You also get functional features, like FindMyMobile to find your Tab on a map and track it live, and Swype, a newer, faster way to input text. And with Mobile Printing, even your printer can join the party.