Safari: Clearly the best way to browse

The web is even more captivating on the new iPad, thanks to the Retina display. Text is sharp and crisp. Colors are vibrant and true to life. And browsing is fast and responsive.

  • Browse fast.

    Speedy Wi-Fi or up to 4G data connections, plus quad-core graphics in the A5X chip, mean web pages load (and reload) in a blink.
  • Read articles without distractions.

    Just tap the Reader icon and clutter instantly disappears. All you see is the article. Not enough time to read it? Add the article’s link to your Reading List and finish it later.
  • Share the sites.

    If you’re on a web page you find interesting and want to share it, you can. Easily. One tap opens a menu that lets you email a link to the page or tweet about it.
  • Safari and iCloud.

    iCloud keeps your Reading List and bookmarks up to date across all your devices automatically. So you can pick up on one device where you left off on another.