Lenovo Cloud Computing Overview


  • Common user interface across Windows® 7 and Android™ and other major platforms
  • Broad device support with enhanced experience on Lenovo PCs and laptops
  • Share/stream files without the need to store them in the cloud
  • Securely access private and cloud applications and services via browser desktop
  • Simplify delivery of new and current applications and services
Lenovo Cloud Brings it all together Lenovo Cloud delivers an enhanced end user experience to individuals and businesses regardless of location — at home, at work or on the move.
It offers more than just content and storage, encompassing a range of products and services* that deliver a consistent, secure digital experience, and product enhancements for both single users and enterprise.
The focus is on removing complexity for both cloud computing users as well as IT professionals. It gives users secure access to their data and applications wherever they are, without clogging up the data center or drawing on IT staff resources.
The Lenovo Cloud allows organizations to create a balanced approach to cloud computing that utilizes the built-in, cloud ready capabilities available in Lenovo hardware, as well as allowing users secure access from any other device including PCs, tablets and smartphones.
Using Lenovo devices, you can benefit from advantages such as the Cloud Ready Client and Lenovo's middleware platforms that can connect to an existing infrastructure. These innovations will help you and your organization enhance and accelerate the move into cloud computing.