Android Market:PhoneDecoration


If you installed a application PhoneDecoration , please delete a application PhoneDecoration.
Do you still use boring phone backdrop?
Don`t you still know this phone decoration that change phone theme easily?
we launched new version phone decoration as a combined edition!!
kakaotalk / ticktalk / go launcher/ decorating the top of the bar etc on season 1/2 have been changed profitably n amusingly .
Every month, download ranking racing of designer is newly established .
phone decoration has a variety of widgets that decorate from launcher to backdrop, this is very useful application. cuz it contains theme that changes the backdrop of kakao talk / tictoc / go launcher / go locker / launcher pro / etc... .
are you sick n tired of smart phone caused by same backdrop n theme ?
JUST install this phone decoration!
there will be update everyday so you can feel using new smart phone!
-phone decoration interface-
there are all kinds of launcher changing entire interface(go launcher ex, adw launcher, launcher pro) n battery / dayweek bar decorating decorating the top of the bar. also you can modify dodolphoen / task killer by theme
Plus everything you need to decorate(notes, battery check, clock, weather, making folder of I phone ) are in this application. especially It contains a theme about changing backdrop of kakaotalk. so please try this excellent application!
And Phone decorated by one character can be made through full set package !
there is one more important thing. this is FREE!!
If you pass it up, you`ll regret it! JUST download rightnow ;)