Wireless, Wearable, Windows, and Web internet PC… W iPC™

WiPC™ has many descriptions such as: Smart Phone, Pocket PC, PDA, MID, wearable computer, media phone, and personal media viewer to name a few. WiPC has a broad market appeal in a variety of near-eye micro imaging applications traditionally reserved for military and industrial applications which are now affordable to consumers who choose BlueRadios Inc, award-winning enabling technology as the core for the WiPC, coupled with Kopin Golden-i microdisplays we reduced the size and weight of a 5 lb. SVGA laptop down to 3oz. so it fits in the palm of your hand. WiPC was first privately demonstrated at the 2009 Consumer Electronics (CES) and will be made public after the Intentional CTIA Wireless as a direct-to-consumer wearable PC system for content snacking. Check press and news link for show details.

The telephone was replaced by cellular phones. The desktop PC was replaced by the laptop computer, and the WiPC will change how we all literally view mobile computing and cellular phones because of its desktop-like experience.


WiPC is a wireless mobile broadband device that provides access to Internet-based information and entertainment content as well as voice, data, and video communications. It integrates a high-resolution color liquid crystal micro display, superb magnifying optics, and video technologies to create a virtual 15 inch image comparable to a standard notebook display or a large-screen television. Consumers can experience the Internet on the WiPC mobile phone as fully as on PCs. WiPC systems provide a full PC color image ideal for viewing standard web pages and HD media. But the real significance of this new disruptive device technology is twofold:

The most frequently performed Internet activities include: accessing information (such as news updates, weather forecasts, and stock quotes), listening to music (digital downloads, and Internet radio), and viewing video entertainment content (YouTube videos, movie trailers and digital pictures). The WiPC provides one-touch access to all of these Internet infotainment applications on SVGA micro display.

Service providers are investing $ billions in support of next-generation communication, entertainment and information services. It is imperative that operators have a mobile portal, for always-on access to these Next Generation Network (NGN) services. The WiPC platfrom is such a device, and is NOT a projector but a handheld PC.

Surf the Web via 3.5G, WiFi, and Bluetooth®

Listen and watch music videos on your WiPC

Watch television on the WiPC

Use your WiPC as a mobile desk top backup device

Navigation (GPS) and Location Based Services (LBS) support

View and VNC desktop PC with WiPC

Call and/or video conference with WiPC

WiPC is available to tier 1 OEM clients or re-sellers at this time with annual purchases of +10,000 units.

Business price models:

Gross margin hardware sale based on order volume

Royalty license per unit fee

One time purchase fee

Shared mobile advertising and branding revenue

WiPC currently targets the below markets:

Business Professionals

Personal Navigation and Tourism

Infotainment (Internet, media, and TV)


Social Networks and Mobile Communities