Windows Mobile 6.5

Mobile-review have posted an article on Windows Mobile 6.5. Here is their final conclusion.

You could argue that we tested a very early prototype of the system; you could argue that it's merely a beta version and that Microsoft still have a lot of time to patch things up, or you could say that all their resources are focused on Windows Mobile 7. Maybe. But all this can't serve as an excuse for what Microsoft have released under the guise of an update to their OS.

Instead of mending crucial glitches and drawbacks of the system, they have tackled its UI problems. But the gist is the same - the core of WM hasn't changed, Microsoft has simply glammed it up and that's it. This isn't an update, not even a patch - WM 6.5 is merely a temporary fix that isn't called-for and few will actually find any use for it.

The only good thing about the new version of the OS is that now it's optimized for finger-based navigation, which is nothing to write home about, though. So I doubt HTC, Samsung or other phone makers will start employing WM 6.5 in their devices - after all, they already have UIs that are considerably superior to that found in the new operating system.