Samsung NC10 10.2-inch Mini-Notebook - Pink

Weighing just 1.33kg with a powerful 6 cell battery, the Pink Samsung NC10 10.2-inch Mini-Notebook’s innovative design is packed with the latest technology for maximum mobility and productivity. It also incorporates a range of practical features, like a normal-size, ergonomic notebook PC style keyboard, to simplify life on the move.
The NC10 mini-notebook incorporates a normal-size, notebook PC style keyboard, for easy typing. Its ergonomic design and optimised key spacing deliver a more pleasurable and productive experience, with faster typing and fewer errors. Featuring an integrated 1.3 mega pixel digital motion camera, the NC10 offers a simple way to keep in touch with friends or family, using video-conferencing or live messaging. By sprinkling incredibly small, nano-sized silver ion powder on the keyboard, your system will remain “bacteria free” for even longer.
The speakers are quiet, but that is due to the settings the laptop arrives in. You can change this easily. Go into ‘control panel’, then ’sound, speech, and audio devices’, ‘Realtek HD sound effect manager’. Once in there uncross the ‘karaoke’ box, and make sure it’s at 0. Then turn all the equalizers up to max. You can also change the environment to ‘padded room’, this may help. Generally have a play around with the sound in “sound, speech, and audio devices”, make sure the speaker on both sides are at 50 (or equal, there have been a few reported that said one speaker was at 0, and the nother at max when it arrived). But the sound problem should be easy to sort out once you know where to look.