Nokia Developer Summit 2009. Recap

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It's not the first summit of this caliber for Nokia, although all prior events had different names, such as Nokia Internet Day, Nokia World. Fear not, though, these events won't go anywhere - they have simply added one more with a special emphasis on developers. Although now they have removed operators from the official agenda, this doesn't prohibit them from showing up at the event and sharing their experience. So as far as familiar faces go, this year's Developer Summit was no different from the last year's convention - same announcers and speechmakers, same group of journalists, however there was a small exception made for Germany and the UK in light of the fact these countries had seen the release of Nokia's cherished OVI Store first, so their delegations were enormous in size, whereas Russia and China sent nine people total to the event. Which means that not only does Nokia try to create a well-functioning forum, but also promote it via the press, and that's fair enough - Apple employed a similar approach, when they launched their latest and greatest products at developer events, and while it's more of a thing of the past these days, Nokia didn't have in mind any particularly noteworthy announcements for Monaco either. Essentially, this meeting was meant to serve as an introduction into Nokia's business, an outlook on what's going on in the industry from the "driver's seat", the market's leading company. But was it all that intriguing? Yes and No. Ordinary users didn't have anything to stare at, while services, developer kits and applications ended up in the spotlight almost in almost every single slide and illustration. And even though regulars at these events weren't presented with anything radically new, we did notice that the format of this year's Developer Summit was somewhat different - presentations appeared livelier, that's for sure.
In this write-up we will try to cover both days of the Summit and also tell you more about what was shown and talked about over there. The opening statement was made by Rob Taylor, the head of Forum Nokia, the company's very own developer community. And since that was the first speech of the day, nobody really expected it to be an eye-opener. And it wasn't - he started with a short story about the Summit's target audience, Nokia's goals for this event, a couple of words on what was coming in other presentations and demo-zones. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Nokia's major focus for 2009-2010 are services and most of the manufacturer's representatives touched on this topic in one way or another. Off the top of my head, here are several numbers that stuck in my memory: 50 million devices will have support for OVI Store in June, when it's scheduled to launch. Now is that a lot? In my opinion this number is just enough to ensure the store's flying start.