Intel and Nokia have opened a joint project oFono

Company Intel and Nokia have announced the beginning of a joint project called oFono. Site initiative designed to unite developers to create open source-platform for mobile devices with support for mobile networks GSM and UMTS. The new mobile platform could potentially offer an alternative to existing operating systems, including Android, Symbian and others. The draft oFono participating developers from Nokia, mainly working on the operating system for the Maemo internet tablets. Documentation Project oFono will be distributed on the basis of a free license GPL 2. Platform oFono will provide tools to develop a wide range of applications for mobile phones. It includes the API for the implementation of functions such as voice calls, SMS, various kinds of services, the phone book on SIM, and many others. According to Intel, and Nokia, the creation of applications for oFono be quite simple and convenient. Companies are invited to participate in the draft all those developers.