Firefox Mobile will receive support services geolokatsionnyh Google

As reported in his blog Doug Turner (Doug Turner), a developer from Mozilla, mobile browser Firefox Mobile, also known as code-named Fennec, will support projects geolokatsionnye Google. Through these services, the browser will allow for better quality and relevant search. In particular, if a user will search on your mobile device with the help of Firefox Mobile, for example, restaurants, as a result will only display relevant information for him, that is, objects that are nearby. Remember, the mobile Firefox browser is now developed, has been released several preliminary versions (only for some platforms). Support services based on location (geolokatsionnyh) appears, apparently in a future test versions of the browser or the final release. In addition, support geolokatsionnyh Google services will be implemented in the Beta 4 version of the desktop browser, Firefox 3.5, which will be released shortly.