Turn a Regular Laptop Into a Touch Screen

A touch screen laptop is your inner artist's best friend since the childhood days of the etch-and-sketch or magnetic drawing board. If you have the inclination to watch your creation develop through the point of a pen or pencil, today's touch screen laptop is both an effective work tool as well as an outlet for your creative expressions. Many people already have laptops that don't have such a sophisticated technology. Maybe we bought our computers a few years back and many of us don't always reach for the top of the line nor did many of us even know such a feature existed. Whatever the case, if you have a laptop and would like some of the conveniences of a tablet PC, all you need is to add the touch screen feature which is now an available option for approximately $130 thanks to the TabletLaptop by NAVIsis.
The device is very much plug and play with most of the common household Windows operating systems. It works with Windows 2000, XP, XP-Tablet, and Windows Vista. The minimum CPU requirement is Pentium 500MHz or equivalent which I can't imagine anyone using anything less than that, although I should be careful not everyone is as fortunate to be addicted to the latest greatest technological gadgets we don't really need, but I digress. The input is a standard USB 1.1 and you will need an optical disk drive for the CD.
In applications such as Microsoft Outlook, you can compose and send handwritten emails; which is very personal, not to mention cool. That's really all you need to turn your regular laptop into a touch screen computer with all the standard features of a touch screen laptop tablet. You can use your fingers or the included stylus to resize and flip through images, dynamically manage and control presentations and documentation without a mouse.
The few downsides are that while they've tried to compact it as much as possible, and the website claims it's a compact size and design, any addon to a laptop just defeats the purpose of being portable and convenient, which no laptop really is. Also, true touch screen laptop models have swivel screens that can be folded flat against the backside while your ordinary laptop cannot. Being able to fold flat makes the writing and drawing much more sensible as opposed to a screen that is rather inflexible to the contours of your pen grip.
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