Make Your Google Phone Smarter with G1 Accessories

To keep the cost reasonable, T-Mobile and Google packaged up the G1 Phone with the unclothed basics. Within days of the release, sales for accessories for the Google phone were offered as briskly as the G1 Phone itself.
The initial thing people ascent is the 1GB mental recall capacity of the T-Mobile G1 phone. More and some-more people have been storing outrageous song and print files on their intelligent phones, so have been shopping additional memory. Memory sticks for the G1 have been accessible in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB.
Most people will buy a case, cover, shade guardian or tote to strengthen their G1 from random bumps and scratches, and even from being dropped. Clip on tanned hide tote is one appendage which is offered generally well. Silicone cases, tough cases, cosmetic skins all come in a accumulation of colors.
Bluetooth headsets and car charging units finish the simple minimal environment of Google phone accessories. If you have been so inclined, there have been additionally speakers, antenna, USB cables, and stylus pens to purchase.
Those have been only the earthy accessories. How about the applications? There will be no extent to the free applications. Here is my the one preferred subscription application: a GPS receiver. How cool is that?