Cheap Laptops For What They're Worth

So you have considered buying a cheap laptop or a so called bargain laptop? It is actually a good way to save some money on buying these products, but the question remains - what should you consider before purchasing a cheaper laptop, and how to find a trustworthy one that will not cost more in repairing then a good new laptop?
You should consider basic things like how much are you willing to spend on a laptop at most, what hardware is a must for a lap for you to buy it and the specifications that it needs to has.
Maybe you can live up to a pre-installed copy of Ubuntu or maybe you need to have a computer with at least Windows XP installed?
If you want a machine to search the web with and play some trivial MMORPG, e.g. runescape or habbo hotel, a netbook can suit you fine, since you probably will not get laptops with minor defects for a cheaper price.
How do you get a bargain laptop? It's obviously quite of a task, since not too many people score on them, but the thing you should always try is to try to close a deal at various online gadget forums. If you do not live in the U.S., the competition is obviously smaller in local forums, so if you have friends who live abroad, you can try to ask them for help. You can also ask for bargain prices at your local stores. The choices are usually endless for a willing person.
Besides the obvious, there are still many ways to score cheap laptops, like consciously searching for near-bankrupt tech stores around town which are offering insane discounts. Everyone has hard times because of the recession; the owners of the shops will probably thank you for your purchase.
Portable computers deteriorate in weeks, not years! You can easily get an almost new laptop with all the extras and save your head from hurting while sparing money if you know how to find a bargain laptop.