Apple MacBook Pro MB470LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop

Like many computer users out there, I have been using Windows operating systems for the past decade. Although I have no complaints on the Windows platform and regular laptops, curiosity got the best of me when quite a number of my colleagues switched to MacBooks. Since my laptop was systematically failing on me (3 years old), I have decided to give Apple laptops a try.
After much browsing, I decided to settle with the Apple MacBook Pro MB470LL/A 15.4-Inch laptop. As an architect, I need a larger screen for work purposes. Like many Apple 'virgins', it takes a few days to get used to the Leopard operating system, but once you get the hang of it, there is just no turning back. I have been using the laptop for about 3 weeks now and let me just say that it is head and shoulders above Windows in terms of user friendliness.
This is probably the lightest 15-inch laptop that I have ever owned. It seems to be thinner and sleeker in dimension, giving it a very compact and solid feel. This maybe due to Apple's trademark aluminum uni-body frame. Unlike many of my previous notebooks (that often seems like bulky, bendy plastic toys) the MB470LL/A shows no signs of bending and creaking when lifted on the sides.
The battery life on this new model is also very impressive. Most regular laptops never surpass 2.5 hours on a single charge. My new MacBook can last up to 4 hours on a single charge. They keyboard is completely silent when you type on it. The enormous track pad is also a pleasure to use. I also particularly like that fact that the DVD drive does not have a sliding tray. To play a disk, you merely slide it into a slot on the side, very much like a car's CD player.
One of my favorite features of the MB470LL/A will have to be its brilliant 15-inch display. The display produces crisp and clear images under various light conditions. The lighting on the display and they keyboard automatically adjusts to surrounding lighting conditions. When the surrounding light is dim, the light level on the display is automatically adjusted and the keyboard lights come on.
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